Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trilogy of Terror and GI Joe's

Hey everyone just trying to stay on schedule for the upcoming shows. Life has a way of throwing stray balls at you and I'm no exception. With my busiest show schedule yet my shoulder injury seems to be flaring up badly, hence the lack of postings.
That said, I thought I'd share some of what I've been busy with. My village people got some clothes and hats. I've also been playing with backdrops for them, maybe eventually they can become cards, you never know
But they were a little lonely so I started a new batch, thanks to miracles of pain medications. Some friends will be coming by to help me with the basics, priming, base-coating etc. in exchange for pizza.

Creations seem to be coming out of the woodwork or out of the oven literally.

They do seem like something out of Dawn of the Dead, or better yet "Trilogy of Terror".
I know I'm dating myself but does anyone remember Karen Black in that.

The segment was called "Amelia"

She brings home a Zuni doll, the chain binding the warriors spirit falls of, the doll comes to life and the fun begins.

I was terrified for days after, and hid all my GI Joe's just in case.
Compared to today's technology the Zuni doll's movement seem comical, but in it's day it was very effective. The story still holds up it's just the juju that seems childish.
Well I gotta get back to my dolls so that they can come to life in time for their debuts. Thanks everyone for your continued support and encouragement.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Village People... Undressed

She's Baaack!

Hello everyone! First up Talula is finally out of the woods and doing great, thanks for all you well wishes. Just returned from the Vet from removing her stitches. Primarily she was the reason for the lack of post. She ended up having Piometra (hope spelling is right) which is an infection of the uterus. She had to have emergency surgery where upon they discovered it had ruptured causing peritonitis, argh!

Well thankfully as you can see she's back at her perch with her accomplice in crime Cosa, who doesn't seem too happy to share that perch on such a sunny day.

So most of my time was spent nursing her back, with antibiotics, food and love, so that left little time for catching up. Hence the undressed village people. These folks transpired as company for the Widow Jones (remember her) and her Sister Candela, whom you've not been introduced too yet.

I should have them all in decent attire soon so check back.

I was however, able to finish some pieces that I am very happy with. A couple of witches, a scaredy cat and JOL Luminaria.

They are all ready for the upcoming shows. SHOWS, Yikes! I gotta get back to creating.