Monday, June 9, 2014

Cray, Cray, Be Gone!

On occasion   time seems to run away from you and you only notice its passing when its smacks you in the face.  That was the case when I saw the date of my last posting on this Blog. I was so caught up in cray cray that I would forget to breathe. After a long inhale and exhale I think I’ve caught by breathe. If you been following my sporadic Facebook postings you know of the cray cray I refer to, no need to elaborate, for those that haven’t lets just say that your health is the most precious gift and blessing we posses.
What kept me sane through all the madness was my art, however infrequent I was able to create. I managed to keep a steady keel in rough waters. I’m posting some of the WIPS here so you can see what’s coming down the pike. 

On another front, I was determined to submit some artwork to various publications for consideration. That effort, I’m happy to say, bore fruit. I’m thrilled to announce that some of my work will be in this falls editions of Art Doll Quarterly and Somerset Holidays and Celebrations.
Surprisingly enough another accomplishment is the opening of my Etsy Shop…Finally! So now, those of you that cant make it to either Halloween and Vine or Spirits in Sanford can always get your Halloween fix there year round and not miss out on the fun.


Of course as usual I look forward to seeing a lot of you at this years Halloween and Vine and or Spirits in Sanford.


Kathy Sharp said...

I'm a new follower! Great use of color. I especially like the witch with lantern.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm a new follower and thanks for the opportunity to win! Love your items!

sharon jedlinsky said...

New follower,great items.

Peggy Reed said...

Halloween Greetings to you!
OMG (oh my gosh) I've been researching you for months. After viewing some of your art creations in Prims or Art Doll magazines, I finally found your Etsy shop. Your fabrications are delightful & so creative. Looking forward to following your blog & seeing what the new 2015 designs will be like. My very best to you :-)