Monday, January 10, 2011

Once Upon A Time

One of the things most of us do during the first month of the new year is of course clean-up, organize and plan ahead. I'm no exception, as a matter of fact I tend to do this periodically throughout the year. I'll fly into an organize it now! or I have to much s#!*t moments. Inadvertently somethings that were not meant to be purged end up in the dump bin. But I digress.

This year I paced myself and controlled the manic moments during the purging, I happen to include my computer files in that purge. Well as some of you know I used to be a muralist and did finishes as well. My company was called 2byFaux since there were two of us, the play on words was deliberate albeit somewhat 90's.

During the cleaning I came across some pics of my work Once Upon a Time . I thought it would be nice to share. Apologies for the quality of some pics that were taken at the advent of Digital photography, can you say Sony Mavica?

There were of course the usual finishes, marbling and gilt:


raffia and linen walls

Modern metallic at a Home Show

There was trompe l'oeil, also known as trump lowly for smaller budgets :

the Zebra wall and Bamboo and raffia paneling,

Whats painted on?

The wainscoting, the key and the lower red cap.

Initialed plate, middle mug, platter, basil, shovel, gloves, wainscoting, rag

the voluminous drapes

Holding my breadth for a picture in an underwater bathroom.

The de riguér skies and cherubs, (the clients grandchildren)

garden vistas in niches,

and of course murals of all sizes

The clients puppy and pet monkey in a Florida vista

Gears and cogs

Flora and fauna

But what I had the most fun with was the whimsical and children's


from magical gardens to the wilds of africa

A three ring circus under a tented roof.

Needless to say the decision or rather the necessity, due to physical limitations to leave that world behind was very difficult. However the joy the work brought me will be with me forever no matter how much the "anal retentive" me finds the need to purge.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Say What!

Say What!

Could someone please tell me when this year came to pass, it seemed to go way to fast for me, as if to reiterate my surprise my posting is belated. I know some people are just rising as if from a stupor. It's been years since I've fallen into this category.

While others counted down the minutes with anticipation and goals in hand. While most seem to say "Oh well...", this year I fell in this group. Which once again explains my belated New Years posting.

Once again we've embarked on another year! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an even better one to come. New years resolutions begin and some old ones are resumed, since for most people, there are resolutions left over from years past. The thing to keep in mind is to never give up, nothing ventured,nothing gained, not to mention pain .

One of the things that New Years bring is reflection.

For me there is much appreciation. Despite all my difficulties I have been blessed to rekindle my creative spirit, and share it with all of you.

This year, I plan on expanding my horizons beyond Halloween much more and offering many new characters for different Holidays. You'll see some themes that seem to be favorites from years past as well as new and exciting ones. Of course this means getting down to some serious work and maintaining somewhat of a schedule. That includes blogging more often. All this, while trying to work within my physical limitations. With a little planning, some timed rest periods and the help of modern medicine I should be OK.

First up on the agenda is catching up on commissions, so for those of you patiently waiting for your creations, it won't be long before they'll be in your hands. Halloween items will be offered year round of course, but the first new venture will be Easter. Bunnies, hip-hopping and chicks a' clucking in festive vintage style fashions. Stay tuned for sketches and WIPS.

There will be the usual yearly Shows to attend, and the exploration of new venues near and far. I hope this year will be as much fun for my cherished collectors as last year was for me. I hope to meet even more of you, rekindle old acquaintances , and start some wonderful new ones. Happy Belated New Year!

New Year’s babies from the illustrator J.C. Leyendecker; and some of his numerous Saturday Evening Post covers which captured the essence of the year into the theme surrounding the baby.