Monday, December 6, 2010

Still Here!

Still Here

Hello everyone. No I've not been abducted by aliens, I'm still here. Here being relative. I apologize for my lack of posting but my plate has been full with some ongoing health issues.
Most of you know of my physical limitations due to an auto accident a couple of years ago.
I've slowly adjusted my activities to work with the limitations I've been left with. Well just as one thinks they've got it down the rug is shaken again.
Due to my newest reality I've not been able to create as often as I'd wished so like my physical limitations my output has been limited. But it's still an output! I'm a bit behind on commisions as well but I hope everyone will bear with me as I work out this next stage. Enough of that!

These fellers are my Christmas efforts so far. For some reasons I've been smitten with snowman fever. I always like them as a child. I suppose it had something to do with growing up in Florida.
Never having seen snow till I was 19 in Baltimore during the Blizzard of 81, snowmen were exotic to me as a child. Frosty being my favorite Holiday TV special.

These guys have a ways to go, but hopefully with some help I'll have some ready for this months STJ posting, and some for Ebay, that is unless anyone wants to put dibs on any of them (hint, hint)

The kitties have been enjoying some glorious weather lately, but that seems to end this evening as we expect to go down to the 30's. Were at 54 now which puts me in the mood to put up my tree. With the help of some friends and hot chocolate tonight seems to be the night. Well, now back to those snowmen.