Thursday, October 21, 2010

Catching my Breath!

Well, the last of the Halloween shows I was attending came to pass. What a ride it was this year from September to date, Halloween and Vine seems ages ago, it seems it was only yesterday that I was in Spirits in Sanford and of course I’m still reeling from all the fun had by all at Spookytime Jingles Soiree and after party.

After all the prepping, packing, repacking setup and breakdown, the most memorable moments are those shared with old friends and new ones.

I thought Id share some of those memories in pictures, that is the ones I was able to capture. Why does it always seem you've taken a thousand pictures, then when you upload the camera it's a quarter of what you thought. When you get a chance you visit and since you visited you think you took a picture, arrgh!

Before the setup we had a chance to visit the surrounding areas that were full of promise for exploring and picturesque to behold.

New Hope gets in the spirit.

Lots of shops and restuarants to browse through.

a quiet moment before the show.

It begins!

Of course there was Dani in Charge, our fearless leader who kept everyone on track.

It wasn't long before we were all set up and Dani was all decked out at the door to greet everyone.

Brandi McKenna's giant creations

Sweet B's treats!

Elaine Thomas of Albhabet Studio's

the crowds were soon in and doing more than just browsing.

We had special visitors like Chris Klingler, seen here with Marie Patterson and Lulu Kellog,

Carolee Clark, Jennifer MacNeill Traylor who were to quick to capture in picture form, as well as the Charming and supportive Hugh Alan Luck

Thanks for stopping by guys it was great fun meeting all of you.

It was a fun day that didn't end at the Soiree.

Sweet Marie Patterson was gracious enough to open her home to us for an after party were fun was had by all.

the spread was incredibly delicious!

Of course it wasn't long before we had to say our goodbyes, but not till we promised to all come back next year and keep in touch till then.

I thank all of you collectors and artist alike from the bottom of my heart for all your support and encouragement. It is because of this support that I am able to continue to explore and share my creative endouvers.


Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

It was so nice meeting you at the show. Love your art!

*retro-rudolphs* said...

Jorge, words can't express what a pleasure it was to meet you - but it was truly!!

I adore both you and your work and I am thrilled to be able to call you my friend.

Until we meet again BIG hugs, Lori

Marie Patterson Studio said...

The memories are priceless! So glad I got to meet you ....and Jimmy too!
(tell him I said Hi!)

Thanks for posting such great pics!

Designs By CK said...

It was a FUN show and your table looked great as always! I truly enjoyed meeting everyone in person!

Chris >:-)

~dani~ said...

It was soo much fun and I am so pleased you were part of it! Wowza- You captured such great shots of the surrounding area! Glad you shared!

Shes Off Her Rocker said...

Jorge, it was a pleasure meeting you and getting to see you again so soon,..crazy busy times, but also crazy FUN! Next year I'm going to try to keep up with you and do the Sanford one as well! So when do we start sculpting for those? Right after Christmas!? Yikes! Love your blog post and the beautuful pics of New Hope. Hope you have a wonderful Halloween!

By Way of Salem said...

Jorge - how wonderful for you! It looks like an absolute blast. Obviously I missed this post so I'm a month or so behind. And I've been remiss cuz of school, in visiting my truly talented art friends blogs - sorry. So congrats on your success! You're definitely in good company too! Here's to next year! Warmest holiday wishes, Jeannine