Monday, September 20, 2010

Guess Where I'm Headed?

Guess Yet? Does the "Towering Inferno" ring a bell?

Well I'm a week away from the big show the 15th Annual Halloween and Vine on Saturday the 25th in Petaluma California. What else to do with a week to kill but take in some sights and finally relax. Even though this is just my second year at this prestigious event, I'm still as thrilled an honored to be among such company.

This years creations have arrived in San Francisco and they can't wait to make their debut at the show! If you've been following my delinquent and infrequent postings you have already made an acquaintance with what I call my Village People. Now you can see them for yourself as they make their first appearance at Halloween & Vine.

I've been playing with the Idea of clothed figures for most of this year. Working out the costumes and hats and I think you'll like what I've come up with.

Most of the clothing is based on historical patterns or my interpretation of them. I'v used reclaimed clothing from thrift shop finds in keeping with my recycled materials effort.

I think this source of material only adds richness and character to the pieces.

Of Course I still am intrigued with all paper mache figures so there will be plenty of those for you to pick from.

As well as some of my fun Luminarias! it just wouldn't be Halloween without those.

But mostly I look forward to seeing some familiar faces again and anticipate a lot of new ones as well. My goodness it's only Monday and Im ansty to get on the road to Petaluma and Halloween Heaven, see you all there.


Len said...

I hope you do really well at the show.

Pattee said...

Hi Jorge..
I'm such a BIG fan of yours!

I also will be at Halloween and Vine and am excited to see your work in person!!!

I'm lucky enough to be staying with Dani Nelson...

See you in a few days!

Jasper Luci Studios said...

love your stuff. You do great work. please feel free to check my blog out.