Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello and Goodbye

Hello and Goodbye

Just wanted to introduce you all to these to characters that are about to be sent on their way to collectors, thank you guys for your continued support. They snatched them up from my Newsletter which include a very bad WIP picture of them. You never know!

I had to share them since I am very happy with they way they came out.

First is one of my Teapots, this guy is horrified to find a spider perched on his party hat oh my! His cap comes off and he's a candy container.

Then there is this lovely little darling, she is a terrific Luminaria! She really is something when she's all lit up, of course it helps if your lit up too.

Yesterday was one of those days, you know the kind were you can't seem to get going but your all revved up but can't focus! I took a friends advice and help and reorganized my studio.

Which by the way seems to be spilling into the rest of my Apartment, this use to be my dining room, anyway going through I discovered little objects and sketches for Ideas that never came to fruition. Now my studio is nice and clean and organized, a good thing since now I'm really revved up but have a better direction.

Moral: Clutter can be creative!

Hoping all of you lots of clutter.

Monday, May 10, 2010

"I've Been Enchanted"

Can't believe it's been as long as this since my last post, but I did want to let everyone know I'm still kicking.

I guess in a nut shell it goes as follows. Deadline for National Halloween Convention spun me into a flurry of work letting me meet the deadline, but missed STJ Update. After shipping said works to NHC I noticed that my cub bards were bare for all my upcoming commitments and commissions. Nose to the grindstone again, I worked through a bad shoulder that was acting up, with stress levels flaring, I got sidetracked by one nasty flu and life issues needing attention. Fast forward to now, still at the grindstone but with a little more respect for what stress and a bad shoulder can do I'm pacing myself.

That said right before the literal poo hitting the fan I received a prize from one of my all time favorite bloggers, which leads us back to the heading "Ive Been Enchanted" I had no idea that I was to receive such an Iconic treasure. Tristan over at Enchanted Revelry sent me this wonderful confection of Marylyn. You can pic up one of his creations at his Etsy shop link found on his blogspot.

The pic does not do it justice. Do pass by and visit you won't regret it, his unique spin, humor and gift of a great raconteur will always make your day, as it does mine.

And now a quick peek at my latest WIPS and finished pieces. It may seem like I'm going a little gaga over luninarias but they are fun to make.

Working on some other dolls and figures that are not ready for prime time yet, but I can't wait to share with all of you. All that said it's back to the grindstone for me. I do promise to make more frequent postings, even if it's about my dinner.