Monday, March 15, 2010

WIPS and The 3 Phases of Eve

Yes I've been MIA for awhile since I started to pay attention to life a little, you know not life in general which is wonderful but to the day to day responsibilities.

In between I did manage to start some new pieces which are of course my latest WIPS as seen in the quick pick. Seems Im cuckoo for teapots lately and don't forget luminarias.


Then of course is my skelly doll WIP Eve. I name her such only because of the 3 phases of her ala Joanne Woodward in the classic " The 3 Faces of Eve".

Anyway she's one my heart and most of my attention lately, as I keep tinkering with her.

I might have gotten carried away with her "unmentionables", especially since they will be covered up, so now I've started some Chorus girls to show off their figures.

Most of you have seen her in her second phase with the petticoat bustle, she is a bit more demure but her ankles are still showing.

I finally finished her garment, you can't see the front of the jacket but her buttons are bows with pearls I think it came out rather nicely. She sports a stylized hat and veil, a little stretching of the period authenticity. She is widow luggage in hand she's ready to travel, a carpet baggers bag which I'm still working out. She still needs some embellishments before she makes her debut but so far so good no?


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I think she's FAB - though, I must admit, she reminds me less of Joann Woodward and more like Mary Poppins LOL

Loving the purple trims and the carpet bag.

Len said...

She is looking great. I never worry about mixing periods, they are not museum clothing examples. Keep up the good work.

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Jorge, I am thinking she is one of my favorites!! I haven't seen you actually attire a piece in fabric before and I am really loving the look. FABULOUS, you creative guy, you!!!

Brandi McKenna said...

Whoa Jorge...that dress looks so detailed and complicated...I have NO seamstress skills so am thoroughly impressed..she is so creepy fabulous....UNIQUE and delightful....

Valeriote Design said...

WOW...just look at all these goodies! Looks like the day to day stuff hasn't interfered too much with your creativity. Eve is turning out to be quite the Fashionista. Marvelous!

Jorge de Rojas said...

Thanks guys for all the kind comments.

Jorge de Rojas said...
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