Monday, March 29, 2010

Love them Bones!

Yesterday I got a pleasant surprise I wanted to share with you all. A friend of mine called a couple of days ago and said he had " a thrift shop find he said had my name all over it". I said great would see hem Sunday, thought nothing more of it and went back to work.

Sunday came around and so did my friend Carlos. Well Lo and behold the surprise.

A vintage scale model of a human skeleton! Isn't he wonderful! Not only is he a great reference for my work he is a great decorative item for my home and studio. Not to mention a great Halloween decoration. Can you imagine him all spruced up as a centerpiece on my Halloween Buffet table.

Can't wait till October comes around, love them bones.

Don't forget the update on the EHAG Emporium tomorrow evening.

This I'm most excited about since I'll be introducing my first attired figure "The Widow Jones" following is just a sneak peak, so do stop by for your chance to get your hands on her.

Come back here mañana for detailed pictures of my contribution to this event, made up of talented EHAG artist.

Well it's back to the production line for me.


Chicken Lips said...

Cool find Jorge! Bet you get lots of inspiration from them old bones!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

love 'dem bones!

...and looking forward to seeing Widow Jones. Is that like "Hey-yay, Widow, Widow JOnes. We got a thiiiing going on...."