Saturday, January 30, 2010

WIP Update and EHAG Emporium Debut!

WIP Update and EHAG Emporium Debut!

First off, don't forget about tomorrows debut of the EHAG Emporium, January 31st at 9PM . I am proud to be a part of EHAG (Eclectic Halloween Artists Group) a wonderful group of artists. These artists specialize in creating one-of-a-kind Halloween collectibles. EHAG is now opening the doors to the Emporium...a special blog dedicated to showcasing one work of art from participating member. Here's a sneak peek at my offering.

Next is an update of for the Valentine pieces I was working on. I swear I feel like I am working as slow as molasses! There are two candy/gift boxes that I've finished as well. They are also bobbing heads.Hopefully they will be posted tomorrow on eBay under hohohalloween of course. That is if the cold doesn't slow the molasses further.

I think they came out rather nicely if I do say so myself. You've already seen Mr. Heart who is holding flowers and is hiding a ring box behind him.

Of course you all remember the bunnies I started last week.

They now are joined by a little chick.

Well at least that's what I was going for. Actually I think it looks like some kind of killer chicken or "Kung Fu" chicken. Don't know please tell me what you guys think.

Don't forget to check out them out next months offerings at STJ's Holiday Hootenanny.

Well back to work for me.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

WIP update, New WIPS and wishful thinking?

Hello everyone, been trying to stay busy and productive. Thought you might enjoy an update on the recently started WIPS.

The luminaria, and witch seem to be coming along just fine. I like the colors and patterns on the witch. Need to get her hat done, then I can get her opened up to work on the container part. The teapot is almost ready for paint. I put it aside to start some basic shapes to keep going once these are painted. I seem to work better and more productively if I have enough materials to keep shifting from one to the other. It also gives me a better feel for where a piece is going. I mean, If I get stuck on one I can alway switch to another, then come back. that way I don't feel unproductive and the flow keeps coming, in theory anyway, LOL. Sometimes you just can't get blood from a turnip!

One of the "other" pieces I started are my bunnies, very rough shape right now, gotta go back to the drawing board on them.

Luckily I found some fun bits and accessories for them that should point me in the right direction. I think the ears are too big!

Speaking fun bits, while making the rounds for those serendipitous treasures I cam across this little ditty.

Which leads me to wonder. Should I try growing him in the bathtub or the local swimming pool? I figure the more room to grow... LOL.

I guess that's were the wishful thinking comes in to play. I dare say I'm not the only one!

Lastly don't forget the EHAG Emporium Venue premiere sale this January 31st. Featuring many of our favorite and talented artist from EHAG. It will be a monthly event on every 31st of the month. Hope to see you there!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Belated Greetings and new WIPS!

Please bare with me for my lack of postings due to unforeseen priorities that arose. As I get those under control I hope to resume posting regularly. That said, Happy belated Everything to All! I must take the time to thank all of you for your support and encouragement that enables me to continue this thing called HohoHalloween.

I finally have my studio back and ready to start full gear for this year. I had rearranged, reshuffled, and reorganized in anticipation being extra productive for 2010 back in November. Of course life had other plans, hence the delay. I've so many Ideas and plans in store that I know will be exciting for us all.

One of those will be a Newsletter to keep everyone abreast of my latest offerings, events and community news.

Here are my latest WIPS in progress. We have a teapot, luminaria and a candy container for Halloween.

I also have a sneak peek of an offering for Valentines. He'll be holding a bouquet of flowers in his outstretched hand and be able to hold a ring box in the hand behind his back. At least thats the plan.

Don't forget to check out this months offerings at STJ. I was not able to offer anything this mont but will be back strong next posting.

Also I hope everyone will be looking forward to EHAG's upcoming Emporium on the 31st of each month.

Well back to work for me.

One last thing, as most of you are now learning there was a devastating earthquake last night in Port au Prince, Haiti.

I'v added this link for those of you that would like to help in some way.