Monday, December 6, 2010

Still Here!

Still Here

Hello everyone. No I've not been abducted by aliens, I'm still here. Here being relative. I apologize for my lack of posting but my plate has been full with some ongoing health issues.
Most of you know of my physical limitations due to an auto accident a couple of years ago.
I've slowly adjusted my activities to work with the limitations I've been left with. Well just as one thinks they've got it down the rug is shaken again.
Due to my newest reality I've not been able to create as often as I'd wished so like my physical limitations my output has been limited. But it's still an output! I'm a bit behind on commisions as well but I hope everyone will bear with me as I work out this next stage. Enough of that!

These fellers are my Christmas efforts so far. For some reasons I've been smitten with snowman fever. I always like them as a child. I suppose it had something to do with growing up in Florida.
Never having seen snow till I was 19 in Baltimore during the Blizzard of 81, snowmen were exotic to me as a child. Frosty being my favorite Holiday TV special.

These guys have a ways to go, but hopefully with some help I'll have some ready for this months STJ posting, and some for Ebay, that is unless anyone wants to put dibs on any of them (hint, hint)

The kitties have been enjoying some glorious weather lately, but that seems to end this evening as we expect to go down to the 30's. Were at 54 now which puts me in the mood to put up my tree. With the help of some friends and hot chocolate tonight seems to be the night. Well, now back to those snowmen.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Catching my Breath!

Well, the last of the Halloween shows I was attending came to pass. What a ride it was this year from September to date, Halloween and Vine seems ages ago, it seems it was only yesterday that I was in Spirits in Sanford and of course I’m still reeling from all the fun had by all at Spookytime Jingles Soiree and after party.

After all the prepping, packing, repacking setup and breakdown, the most memorable moments are those shared with old friends and new ones.

I thought Id share some of those memories in pictures, that is the ones I was able to capture. Why does it always seem you've taken a thousand pictures, then when you upload the camera it's a quarter of what you thought. When you get a chance you visit and since you visited you think you took a picture, arrgh!

Before the setup we had a chance to visit the surrounding areas that were full of promise for exploring and picturesque to behold.

New Hope gets in the spirit.

Lots of shops and restuarants to browse through.

a quiet moment before the show.

It begins!

Of course there was Dani in Charge, our fearless leader who kept everyone on track.

It wasn't long before we were all set up and Dani was all decked out at the door to greet everyone.

Brandi McKenna's giant creations

Sweet B's treats!

Elaine Thomas of Albhabet Studio's

the crowds were soon in and doing more than just browsing.

We had special visitors like Chris Klingler, seen here with Marie Patterson and Lulu Kellog,

Carolee Clark, Jennifer MacNeill Traylor who were to quick to capture in picture form, as well as the Charming and supportive Hugh Alan Luck

Thanks for stopping by guys it was great fun meeting all of you.

It was a fun day that didn't end at the Soiree.

Sweet Marie Patterson was gracious enough to open her home to us for an after party were fun was had by all.

the spread was incredibly delicious!

Of course it wasn't long before we had to say our goodbyes, but not till we promised to all come back next year and keep in touch till then.

I thank all of you collectors and artist alike from the bottom of my heart for all your support and encouragement. It is because of this support that I am able to continue to explore and share my creative endouvers.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Onward and Upward!

Well folks, I'm just catching my breath between shows. But I wanted to share the fun had by all at the second annual Spirits in Sanford show this past weekend. I apoligize for some of the blurry pics, I think it's time for a new camera.

A great big thank you to all those of you who ventured into the gallery this weekend to grab a piece of of Original Halloween Art and fun.

The Town of Sanford really gets into the Holiday spirit as seen in these pics of some of their window displays including the local newspaper.

Take a peek in the lower left corner and catch one of Joanna Parkers creations.

Jeanine Taylor of Gallery on First put together a great group of Artists this year.

There was Chris Klingler of Designs by CK with his whimsical and elaborate drawings and prints; you can't appreciate the detail until you see them in person.

The Lovely Dianne Waldron of Sew Primitives and her oh-so infectious creations.

A Sweetheart of a Gal, Deb George and her humorous and spooky characters.

The Charming Sara Whitmore and her fantastic mixed media art.

Not even a broken leg could keep an old hand like Melissa Menzer away form a second show, I have a feeling that cast around her leg will turn into some of her wonderful creations.

And of course there was me and my dog and pony show.

It was great fun getting to know all the new artists as we set up on Friday.

The Fun started that evening with a great Champagne reception for dedicated collectors and a raffle. Jeanine put on a spread that would make Martha Stewart proud.

All black and orange foods. Yummy!!

Me and Jeanine Taylor enjoying a moment at the preview.

Folks were already in the Halloween spirit wearing their creepiest finery for the event.

It was an intimate event that let artists and collectors get to know each other. I certainly enjoyed it. It allowed everyone to wind down and relax before the big day.

Me and a visiting Glamorous Ghoul!

The doors opened and the FUN began. The room soon filled with familiar faces from last year, the night before and excited new ones. I can't thank everyone enough for the warm welcome and encouraging words that were offered to us.


As the day wore on and the tables were cleared by collectors, we all reluctantly tore down our little worlds knowing that goodbyes were at hand.

There were old freindships renewed and new ones forged between artists and collectors.

Now I'm back for a couple of days before heading to the next great event, the First Annual SpookyTime Jingles Soiree this Saturday the 16th with a preview cocktail on the Friday 15th.

Judging from the fun had at Sanford, this next shin-dig being put together by the gregarious and industrious Dani Nelson should will top off my Holiday show Schedule. So don't be late and come join the fun!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Magazine Highlights and upcoming events!

Just a quick posting to say how pleased I am to be a part of this issue of Celebrate365. Not just once, but three times. I know, I know... I couldn't believe it.

Just to part of this great publication that features so many talented artist would've been great but this! Im giddy.

You see my JOL Lady first on pages 14-15

Then My scared kitty on page 18

and if that wasn't enough by JOL Luminaria is on the back cover.

Wow what a way to start the Holiday season!.

You still have a chance to snatch any one these up, first at Spirits in Sanford on October 9th

and then on Octobe 16th at SpookyTime Jingles Soiree.

Hope to see some of you there.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Patry's Over...

And what a party it was. The 15th annual Halloween and Vine has come and gone, but not before old acquaintances were renewed and new ones sewn. A great big thanks to all those of true blue as well as new collectors who continue to support this talented group of artist. It is through your efforts that we can continue our creative endeavors.

I got there a little early so I jumped in and helped getting some of the decorations together with Ginny Diezel one of the original founders of Halloween And Vine.

It wasn't long before others started to arrive like Dani Nelson and Wendy Leaumont from Spookytime Jingles.

It didn't take long to realize I had to get my act together so after a little caffiene fix ti was to work I went, and at the speed of light as you can see!

after a bit I was all set up and ready for the next day.

I apologize for the lack of pics of other Artists booth but when in a rush and at a certain age taking pictures without a tripod produces, shall we say a nebulous result.

I had the pleasure of being situated next to Allen Cunningham his work is so amazingly detailed in person, the scale he works in just blows me away! My hazy pictures did no justice to his work.

David's table from ChickenLips was all set and done as was everyone else's by the end of the day.

An encouraging line of collectors almost 200 strong ready and waiting for the doors to open at nine, many had been there since before dawn, amazing ,right. Thank you all!

The doors opened and the crowds thronged to the artists tables.

Not long into the event did William Bezek's table looked sparse as his collectors picked it to the bone in no time.

One thing led to another and before you knew it in much too short a time it was over.

But the fun didn't end there most of us ended up at the after party held at the Adobe Pumpkin Farm. Great food, lovely live music fantastic crowd all made for a delightful evening. After many goodbyes we were off early the next day. For some reason my TomTom plotted a route back to San Francisco that I had never taken, I went with the flow and was I glad.. the scenery was spectacular as you can see.

It was the perfect ending for a great weekend. Till next Year!

Now to get ready for Spirits in Sanford and SpookyTimeJinges Soiree, see ya all there!