Friday, November 6, 2009

Trick or Treat! I'm late !

Apologies for the late blog entry. Been down with a cold and trying to jump into Christmas. Before I start that I must let you know of the Tricks and Treats that pulled on me this past Hallows Eve. With the help of some friends I decide to go all Bogie Book and Martha Stewart Halloween Party. That was the Treat.

On went the baking, cooking, concocting, sewing and general last minute insane preparation that alone I could not have accomplished right now. That day my studio space and home were transformed to Bogie Book Heaven.

First to set out were the appetizers, concocted with the finest ingredients of witches fingers, warlock toes, quick sand dip and petrified cheese roll.

Then the Trick the phone began to ring with cancelation after cancelation. Eeeh Gads! The four of left decide to bravely go on, mostly going to the bar and blamed the waning Moon.

But of course the treat was yet to come with the sound of the doorbell as those missing began to pop in! Hurrah! Upon such a splendid trick being pulled the revelries began. Cameras were forgotten, or pictures too blurred to post, but still some survived to tell the tale.

For the squeamish that's pretzels, humus, and herbed dyed cheese. Don't it look yummy!

After such fortifications one needs a little liquids to help with the digestion of such varied and exotic fare. Of course one finds the potions center.

Where one can quench their thirst with these devilish concoctions. A pitcher of Bloody Mary's or Pumpkin Slush spiked with dragons eyes.

By now after a couple of swigs and bites, one's appetite does grow and you can turn to the main event.

I love the color of my Blood dressing for the swamp greens and root salad. It went wickedly well with the main course as you can see. Who I ask can resist Albino Bat Chili with Serpents eggs. (chicken and white bean chili) Skull shaped corn bread, and Raven Black Rice (dyed brown rice).

After such hearty fare witch or warlock needs a little sweet to finish off the feast. What could be better than a another table full of treats


Hemlock cupcakes with bug brownies always make for a tidy ending.

Which is more than I can say for this poor fellow who sums up the end and the reason for the lack of pictures.

Happy Belated Halloween to All


Diane MacNaughtan said...

Wow! What an AWESOME Halloween Party! The food is SPOOKTACULAR!


Pattee said...

Love your Halloween post.. better late then never I say~: )

William Bezek said...

Better late than never. It looks like a food and beverage spooktacular! I'd be all over that cheese log!

yoborobo said...

WOW!! You are amazing! I would eat everything there, no problem at all. haha! I bet you had a blast. :) Pam