Thursday, October 22, 2009

Countdown and Halloween Frills!

Hello all, I can see I'm not the only one that's been busy with shows, commissions, and sales. The Spirits on First was a great success for it being the inaugural. We had people come from all over the state and even some from across the border in Georgia. Which is wonderful cause it lets us all know that there is a growing market across the country. I'm already looking forward to next years events there and at Halloween and Vine.

Well I thought I needed to take a break and start getting ready for Halloween in earnest. First off please check out my listings on ebay under the seller hohohalloween of course! They'll probably be my last halloween items.

I have a couple more commissions left that I hope to finish this week and then I plan to relax till the big shingding next week. Actually it's just a Halloween dinner with friends and family but I go all out for my favorite holiday, so I'd thought I'd share my Halloween home decor with you all. Mind you I just started there's more to come.

I try ti mix old and new all around the house. The vintage items mostly stay in a cabinet due to our lovely Florida weather which loves to eat away at ephemera.

As you can see, my decor starts at the front door with a great wreath I picked up at Home Goods one year. It just sets the mood for what's to come.

You step into Halloween right away with orange vases, witches and cat throw pillows and of course my Halloween tree. It's a whopper! Department 56 put it out several years ago. This one's the 4 foot one that's been retired. Still not enough room for all my goodies.

At the base I have one of my favorite vintage pieces, it's an Owl luminaria from my best guess is the sixties. It stands next to a modern Target cat luminaria.

Up the tree you'll again find some vintage with modern glass ornies


Here is a Larry Fraga spider with bee victim and a Large Radko JOL.

I've been told by my friends that I must have posed for this Slavic Treasure skull since we both have the same crooked smile and have follicle challenges. LOL. Another Larry Fraga and more Slavic Treasures


Some of my JOL collections ranging from the Illuminations Jack o'lantern to made in japan vintage plastic.

I'm happy to have acquired a William Bezek hula girl skull to add to my growing Skull grouping. Thanks William I love her, and also you Witch candy container that fits right in with my other witches.

In one corner I have my cats which include a Johanna Parker candy container that sit next to the Devilish corner. I love making the crepe paper lamp shades to add that vintage feel you see in the old Bogie Books.

Even my coffee mug gets into the act. I love this halloween mug. As I drink the little treasures reveal themselves, in this cas it's a witch.

And of course the scenario wouldn't be complete without that little lady herself ..........Talula, getting into the act. Say CHEESEEEE! .

I'll try to post again before the big day, but just in case HAPPY HALLOWEEN Everyone!


Halloween Fanatic said...

LOVE all your decorations!! Robert :)

Patty Benedict said...

Jorge...FUN! Fun! Fun! I like how you mix all your vintage in with your new Halloween goodies. Have a wonderful Haunted Halloween!
Bugs & hisses

William Bezek said...

I loved the tour...What a swanky pad! I am honored to be part of the fabulous decor, and that Halloween tree is the best I have ever seen.
Now relax and enjoy Halloween!

Designs By CK said...

Glad "Spirits on 1st" was a success and wished I could have attended. I saw pictures of your goodies on Jamie's blog, all looked VONDERFUL! I was asked to represent as well, but could not attend due to a scheduling conflict. Hopefully next year! '-)

Great Halloween decorations!

Happy Halloween early!

Chris (-:

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Hi Jorge,
Your Halloween vignettes are FABULOUS!!!! Love your tree!
Still working on my costume for tonight!!!!