Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Final Strech

Had a wonderful couple of days with friends here in San Francisco showing some sights familiar and some out of the way. It was a beautiful day at Union Square, a little warm for SF but hey I'm from Florida. It seems everyone is getting ready for Halloween and Vine next week.
We went to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for an Avedon photo exhibit and ran into a great vignette of modern furniture by a local Artist, (shame on me for not taking note of the name) that was in keeping with Halloween. It was a chair, table and floor lamp inspired and done like bones. Note the spine of the Chair. Brilliant!

The following day we went to the Cantor Center Museum at Stanford University, and I fell in love with an exhibit of Pacific Northwest Indian inspired art. This mask caught my eye and I'm sure you'll see a figure or ornament come from it.
The next day prepared myself for what I thought would be a long wait for UPS delivery of my shipment. I was pleasantly surprised to have them arrive by 11 AM.
To my horror some of the packages were pretty banged up. After spending the rest of the day unwrapping them again I was pleasantly surprised to find very little damage. A big sigh of relief!
Now I'm really in the home stretch, can't wait for show on Saturday. Hope those that can make it to Halloween and Vine will stop by my table and say Hi! If you can't make it, make sure to check out the site and discover a world of wonderful artist.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

All hands on Deck!

Hello all, back after missing in action for the last couple of weeks. I was unable to post Since I was leaving ealrly for San Francisco to house sit and visit friends before Halloween and Vine. Consequently the was a mad rush to finish for the show. In the end it was all hands on deck and late evenings. So musch so that if you look closely I’m wearing a wrist support in one of the photos, it helps with shoulder pain.

If all goes as planned, the shipping arrives on time and I’m well recieved at the show it will all be worth it. Actually getting to meet all the other talented artist and making new freinds and followers alone will be worth it.

After a very long connecting flight from Boston we arrived in San Francisco late Tuesday evening, or I should say Wednesday morning by east coast time, I was paged over the intercom. I knew that the overhead voice bore no good tidings. Indeed it turned out that our luggage was left in Boston, of course I had packed some last minute items that were missed in the mass shipping for the show, Arrgh! I didn’t feel as bad when the other unfortunate passengers with missing luggage turned out to be a bride whose wedding dress was missing. By the next morning all was well, at least for us as our luggage was delivered.

The weather is a little warm for San Francisco , not to mention me but it is still beautifull. I can’t wait for next week, the show is only 10 days away.

By the way

Johanna Parker, of Johanna Parker Designs was selected by Martha Stewart as one of 10 nominees for Favorite Doer of the Week. If you have not voted yet please go to:


and go to the right side of Martha's blog and vote for Johanna. Shes worked very hard and it would be wonderfull for her to be recognized by Marha!!! Those of us that already familiar with Johanna know she would do the same for any one of us. She already encourages many of us with her praise and encouragement, lets give a little back.

Lastly I wanted to share I took a las minute pic of Talula befor eI left and forgot to give her a kiss goodbye in the rush to leave on time. I miss the little darling..