Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here we go again!

Hey folks thanks for all the well wishes on my surgery. I'm happy to say it was success and I'm now back home, elevated feet and all. Right now I'm feeling no pain (thanks to the magic of modern pain medication) and a bit silly. Silly enough to post these pics.
this shot is before sedation. The reason for frown besides the negligee cap? This will be my 9th surgery in 3 years, the fourth on my left foot. The reasons are to long and tedious to go into here. Suffice it to say a casualty of my day job as a Nurse and the complications of an auto accident. It's tragic when the admitting nurse know you by name on sight. Why they make a bald man wear this ridiculous little blue cap is beyond me.
Aaah! the pre-op meds are kicking in! According to the Surgeon it was a success, at least I think I spoke with him after. I'm going to try to rest and keep my foot elevated, Doctors orders!
Doesn't mean I can't draw my fingers off. In closing I thought I'd share one of my favorite past pieces "Drive by".

thanks again for all you good wishes.


Gourdqueen said...

Jorge what nice legs you have!
You are too funny, I like the smiling pic better.
I remember your car accident and then being dropped by the MT's loading you into the ambulance, how awful that you are still suffering from that!
You rest and enjoy those meds!

Diane MacNaughtan said...

Well wishes for a speedy recovery! 9 in 3 years.
Seriously takes a strong person. Hopefully this one will do the trick!

I had 4 knee surgeries in 4 years and looking at another knee replacement, YUK!

You are right, it cant keep ya from drawing:)

Take care,

Halloween Fanatic said...

I am happy to see you are in good "spirits"
enjoy your drawing and take it easy cheesy!Take care, Robert

MarZel said...

I love your pictures!! What a good sense of humor you have! Sending you Healing Energies!!!

Anonymous said...

Great hat! Thanks for the comment on my blog today. I love your artwork. Hope you are feeling much better soon.

William Bezek said...

I'm glad your surgery was a success...may it be your last!


Funny pictures! Love the drive by piece. Hope you have a speedy recovery. What kind of nursing do you do? I'm also a nurse but prefer painting!

Carolee said...

Glad it went well!

Have to add, sooooooo happy to have you in EHAG. LOVE your work. :)

~ Carolee

Georgina said...


Love the cap and the snarl!! LOL Glad to hear that your recouping and enjoying dem drugs too, however, reality will set in soon, so have fun!!


Jorge de Rojas said...

Thanks all for your well wishes, i feel the healing! Vikki my specialty was Oncology-Hospice, very rewarding but demanding and taxing, didn't know how much till I was laid up.

Lance said...

Wow, sorry to hear about all those surgeries. Hope all is well now. Lol, great frown pic btw!