Friday, June 26, 2009

Al Dente

Hey everyone,

Haven't been able to blog as much as I'd have liked

due to the Artist As Entrepreneur Seminars, (which thankfully end this weekend). Again a great resource of invaluable information for the artist if in your area. When I wasn't busy doing homework I was either trying to work towards the shows, but mostly I was trying to meet a deadline for a commission.

I must thank those of you who have granted me awards, I'm honored and thrilled my the recognition of fellow artist. I will be honoring others and acknowledging the givers as my increasingly busy schedule permits, so please be patient.

I did want to share the commission I was working on.

It was for my Dentist who most of you know of from my other post of work being done on me. Anyway it was in conversation that I mentioned my art, he went to my website liked what he saw and gave me a challenge. He allowed me free range as long as it related to his practice since he wanted to display it in his office during halloween. After racking my head a bit this is the results of which the Dentist couldn't be happier with.

In between I caught up with the JOL luminarias that i started awhile back and helped inspired "Al Dente". Enjoy and as always your feedback is welcome.


Marie Patterson Studio said...

OMG!!! Jorge, these new pieces are AMAZING!!!
Al Dente....such expressive eyes on that poor pumpkin guy as his tooth is about to be yanked by the spooky dentist cat!!!LOL!!!
AND I just LOVE the pumpkin lantern with the crooked grin!!! They are all a HOOT!!!!

MarZel said...

That is the greatest, most funnest peice. I LOVE IT!!! It is very orginal and the composition flows incredibly... You should be very proud!!

DellaRae said...

Your pieces have the most wonderful facial expressions. They make me laugh every time I see one.

William Bezek said...

Very Clever!

MarZel said...

Please stop by my blog for a tea party and lots of giveaways!! I would love to have you. PS if you do not know what to do with AL Dente...I will give you my address!!! LOL

Chicken Lips said...

All of them are simply amazing!!!!! The seminar sounds interesting...would love to hear more.

Halloween Fanatic said...

You are invited to my 200th blog post, so please stop by...

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

LOL They are GREAT Jorge!!! I am VERY Happy to have found your blog too:) I love every thing I see here!!
Thanks so much for your kind words about My Ryver and Scampy and oh BTW, the two headed lambs is also Rabid and belongs to Mary:)
Their bellies zip open to reveal the contents of their stomach!! AACK.....body parts!!!

I will be back to see what other amazingly creative and cleaver things you come up with:)