Friday, May 1, 2009

A begining

 Well here goes! I noticed a lot of Artist whose work I admire are posting here so I decided to join in. I"ll be linking my website to the post as soon as time permits. I guess I'll start with what I'm up to in the Studio (if you can call it that), I'm currently working out of my 1 bedroom condo. The dining room, what's left of it, keeps shrinking as I keep expanding. I suppose anywhere one creates can be considered a studio annexed or not.
Anyway one of the things i create are halloween rattles out of old maracas. As you can see, their display left a lot to be desired. So after much thought and a little ingenuity I came up with a solution for some upcoming gatherings and gallery shows.
I kind of had a vague idea of some kind of tiered system that would allow their viewing and still be user friendly for buyers to handle them for a test run. I like recycling items as much as possible so an old lazy susan rigged in some way cam to mind. First I kept a lookout on my thrift shop runs, (not much picking these days) all the dealers seem to be hovering over out-coming bins like vultures, but I digress. On my way back from somewhere I stoped in on a neigborhood haunt on a hunch, and lo and behold, the beginings. The huntch kept at me and I went to another shop and darn if lightning didn;t strike twice.  After rounding up my finding at home I cam up with this simple drawing as a starting point and out came the power tools.
After a couple of runs to the hardware store for the always forgotten item a put together what I think is a pretty interesting interpretation of the drawing and I think a display solution. I'll keep ya posted as I progress and once I figure out how to place these images where I want them!!


William Bezek said...

Welcome to the Vampire of Time AKA Blog Land!

Jorge de Rojas said...

Thanks for the welcome, I look forward to new lands

Chicken Lips said...

Yes, as William points out, blogging is an enormous "time-suck", but lots of fun and a great resource for inspiration and creativity. Great start on your blog...looking forward to seeing more!