Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On

Hello everyone. Finally able to sit and jot down some worlds in-between shows. First off a most heart felt thank you to all the collectors and artist that made Halloween and Vine a bang of a show. It's alway been a wonderful venue but, Lesley, Stephanie and Dennis brought in some wonderful new energy and artist. Thank you for all their hard work.

There were the usual suspects of artist and collectors, and many new ones whom Im store be putting H&V on their annual schedule of events. I was alone so I wasn't able to document all the goings on as I wanted to. Apologies for blurry pics.

There were early morning risers that make up the long line that has become tradition at H&V, by opening time it went round the building and down the block. Some of my favorite collectors and all around wonderful people could be found at the front of the line.

Inside was chuck full of pumpkins  and amazing halloween art. Every where you looked there was talent, building excitement and anticipation. I know that it was difficult for me to choose which piece or pieces were going home with me this year within my budget. I can only imagine what everyone else goes through to make that excruciating decision. I only wish is that I could go home with one of everyone's.

Melissa Tereck

Len Bethem

Iva Wilcox

Charles Batte

David Everett

Jenny Adams

Jack Roads

It was great fun to catch up with old friends and make new ones all sharing the same enthusiasm for all things Halloween. I look forward to being part of next years show, and can't wait to see what the H&V team has up their sleeves. If this years success was any indication then "the skys' the limit".

Meanwhile Im busily preparing for Spirits in Sanford on October 13th. I can't believe it's only days away. This years line up is stellar and from all  early indications and buzz will be a smash. Be sure to get there early for the best treasure. Now back to packing, and once again thank you for everyone's continued support and encouragement.

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