Thursday, August 26, 2010

Heidi, Maria and Lucy!

My goodness! can't believe I've been this delinquent in posting. Part of it has been a time crunch for meeting deadlines, but that has been aggravated by some medical complications due to past injury. I ask for your continued patience and support. It will take some adjusting but I will continue to create. I just need time to figure out how to work within my limitations.

That being said here is a sneak peak of what some of you can look forward to at the upcoming fall shows.

The first I guess is an influence from "Heidi" or "The Sound Of Music" I can't tell which, it all started when friends of mine said they were going to vacation in Austria this year, my imagination did the rest.

Also a pic of some of the finished pieces including a witch and a Gypsy which my friends tell me must have been influenced by "I Love Lucy" episode were Lucy plays the Queen of the Gypsies.. Gyp, Gyp, Gyp, Gypa Gypsies!

Od course now I'm crunching to finish all the accessories on time to ship. Regardless I look forward to seeing all of you again at Halloween & Vine on September 25th in Petaluma and on October 9th at Spirits in Sanford in Florida.

Im also very excited to meet new collectors and fellow STJ Artist at SpookyTime Jingle Soiree on October 15th. Wheeoo! now wonder I'm stressed. See Ya all there!