Monday, March 29, 2010

EHAG Emporium and "The Widow Jones"

It's that time of month again. Time for the EHAG Emporium and Introducing

The Widow Jones

You'll first notice that this is an out of the ordinary piece for me, but I think you'll agree it is the start of something wonderful to add to my repertoire. "Fully attired" paper-mache figures, in this case a Day of the Dead Doll.

Here she is, the Widow Jones. She is a hand made and painted paper-mache doll figure, with an original handmade period costume. She measures 22" tall from her wooden base to the top of her feathered hat, 9" wide and 12" deep from from front of skirt to the end of her ruffled train. The fabrics range from reclaimed black cotton chintz to vintage black lace trim. I've embellished her with wonderful detailing and accents like pearl studded bow buttons, and a vintage cameo pin that she dons on her lapel. She sports a milliner's confection top hat with feathers ,ribbon, bows and tulle veil, trimmed in accenting purple ribbon. Her bustle and overskirt are in a flocked damask pattern that is also an insert in her bodice. She holds a carpet bag made of old tapestry fabric with braided leather handle and button bead clasp. She has an underskirt bustle with ruffles of cotton poplin. Standing on a wooden base her red high top boots peek out from under her voluminous skirt . She is packed and ready to travel to your home for a prolonged visit.

Here you can peruse more detailed pictures.

the silhouette...

peplum detail...

being a little coy...

these boots were made for walking...

bustle up..

close up of that winning smile..

back of that milliners confection...

close up of cameo brooch...


Shipping and Handling Included

Please contact me @ to arrange payment.

Paypal, and Visa/MC Accepted

Thanks for all your continued support and encouragement.

Love them Bones!

Yesterday I got a pleasant surprise I wanted to share with you all. A friend of mine called a couple of days ago and said he had " a thrift shop find he said had my name all over it". I said great would see hem Sunday, thought nothing more of it and went back to work.

Sunday came around and so did my friend Carlos. Well Lo and behold the surprise.

A vintage scale model of a human skeleton! Isn't he wonderful! Not only is he a great reference for my work he is a great decorative item for my home and studio. Not to mention a great Halloween decoration. Can you imagine him all spruced up as a centerpiece on my Halloween Buffet table.

Can't wait till October comes around, love them bones.

Don't forget the update on the EHAG Emporium tomorrow evening.

This I'm most excited about since I'll be introducing my first attired figure "The Widow Jones" following is just a sneak peak, so do stop by for your chance to get your hands on her.

Come back here mañana for detailed pictures of my contribution to this event, made up of talented EHAG artist.

Well it's back to the production line for me.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Update with a Sneak Peak

If you've been wondering why the lapse in postings, well scheduling had much to do with it. First off I'm happy to announce that I was asked back to this years Halloween & Vine. I look forward to meeting some new artists. Some from STJ if person for the first time, and of course friends I made last year. It's the 15th Annual Show! I'm so excited. So I'm gearing up for that along with my regular sales, commissions and other events.

More pressing is the pending deadline for the upcoming STJ artist Participation in the National Halloween Convention. Dani Nelson is doing a stellar job in promoting and organizing this gargantuan venture. I only wish I could do more to help her out. Don't miss this one!... sure to have a bright future as a new Halloween Show to be at.

Then of course there is the Monthly EHAG Emporium on the 31st.

This I'm most excited about since I'll be introducing my first attired figure "The Widow Jones" following is just a sneak peak, so do stop by for your chance to get your hands on her.

Come back later this week for more detailed pics of this little lady.

Well it's back to the production line for me.

Monday, March 15, 2010

WIPS and The 3 Phases of Eve

Yes I've been MIA for awhile since I started to pay attention to life a little, you know not life in general which is wonderful but to the day to day responsibilities.

In between I did manage to start some new pieces which are of course my latest WIPS as seen in the quick pick. Seems Im cuckoo for teapots lately and don't forget luminarias.


Then of course is my skelly doll WIP Eve. I name her such only because of the 3 phases of her ala Joanne Woodward in the classic " The 3 Faces of Eve".

Anyway she's one my heart and most of my attention lately, as I keep tinkering with her.

I might have gotten carried away with her "unmentionables", especially since they will be covered up, so now I've started some Chorus girls to show off their figures.

Most of you have seen her in her second phase with the petticoat bustle, she is a bit more demure but her ankles are still showing.

I finally finished her garment, you can't see the front of the jacket but her buttons are bows with pearls I think it came out rather nicely. She sports a stylized hat and veil, a little stretching of the period authenticity. She is widow luggage in hand she's ready to travel, a carpet baggers bag which I'm still working out. She still needs some embellishments before she makes her debut but so far so good no?