Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bunny Update and Shenanigans!

When they began to begat!

Look what the bunnies where up to! As bunnies do, they begat..LOL. I like the new bunnies and can't wait to add the paint. They'll have to wait thought, cause this bunnies gonna be hopping all night in order to have Ma and Pa ready for STJ Hootinany on the 13th.

Meanwhile back in Halloween town I've got a couple more pieces in the works. Two luminarias, a cat, a JOL with hat and a very angry teapot. They-re one of the reasons I've fallen behind on the rabbits. I'll be glad when I can be Halloween-ing round the clock after Easter.

The last note is about some new directions. Well actually this is a new attempt at an old idea. Back when I started, dabbled in doll making but was not happy with the results or process. After working on my regular figures and thinking out a new doll process I'll be making some now and then. Any way here was my first attempt.

And now I gotta get a hoppin!


Chicken Lips said...

OMG! Love them ALL! Those bunny faces are fantastic! And the devil is amazing!!!!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I just love that demented bunny in the yellow jacket!!!!

And that p.o.'ed teapot is fab.

Now, tell us again why you stopped making dolls??? That devil is superb. Love his costume...and his li'l green horns.

Georgina said...

Love them all. Those bunnies don't have a lick of scruples!! Lol
keep it up.

snippetgirl said...

So fabulous!!! They are oozing with personality!!!

William Bezek said...

Adorable bunnies, I especially like the color palette...reminds me of something from my childhood which would now be...ugh...VINTAGE.